What is the Google Street View Trusted Program ?

Google Street View Trusted program allows users to take a look inside your business, just as they can navigate cities with Street View.

These 360 virtual tours allow users to get a feel for your business and shows it off at its very best.

How it Works


Where will my Google Street View tour be found?

With this new technology customers can see inside you business on 4 main platforms:


Your own website and social media

You can place the virtual tour directly onto your own website or social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter and start showing your potential customers what you have to offer.


Specific Google Search

 When anyone enters your business name in the Google search engine your listing will appear on the right.If they are on a smart phone then it is the first thing they will see.When they look through the Gallery of images they will see your 360 imagery among the other images and also within a new, dedicated " 360 view " section.

See Example In Search

 Google local istings appear on left

Google local istings appear on left

General Google Search

If for example someone searches for ‘restaurants Edmonton’ Google will show a list of such businesses in the area they looking. If they click on your listing they will see the 360 virtual tour in the gallery of images and also within a new, dedicated " 360 view " section.

This helps your business stand out from all your competitors. 

See Example In Search


Google Maps

If a potential customer were to search for your business in Google Maps, they can see your tour when when they click on your business name within your the gallery of photos.You will get a brand new " 360 view " tab on your listing.

See Example On Google Maps